Are you obsessed with feeling as good as you used to?

Have you become obsessed with natural and healthy living? Hit that spot in life where the wrinkles and spots seem to come from nowhere & the best part of your day is when you accomplish a good crap? If every day is a street fight to try to feel as good as you used to and you’ve become obsessed with feeling good naturally, we’re like, in the same sisterhood.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read somewhere that canned foods contain MSG(monosodium glutamate) and you shouldn’t eat them when you’re pregnant cause MSG causes cancer in laboratory animals(I don’t necessarily believe this to be true). It didn’t read this way word for word I’m sure, but that’s the way I remember it. I wouldn’t eat anything from a can the rest of my pregnancy.  My interest in the damage chemicals and additives can cause in our bodies and in our world has expanded since then, but that was the beginning of my awareness there were even such things.

This awareness hasn’t stopped me from many less than desirable habits. In fact, most of what I obsess over these days revolves around reversing or counteracting the effects of not-so-healthy choices. Which can include partaking in an alcoholic beverage or two or more. I find it hard to sing karaoke in front of a crowd of strangers without taking the edge off somehow. I did kick the smoking habit some years back thankfully, and sometimes regrettably. I did like to smoke. But don’t tell anyone.

I also like to write. This blog is both an outlet and a challenge to myself to keep learning, to make healthy choices and to continue to fight the good fight…


Change. Learn. LIVE. Grow.